Floward Recognizes and Celebrates Fathers

Floward, the go-to online flowers and gifts destination is celebrating fathers through a massive Father’s Day campaign accompanied with a new and exclusive collection of gifts tailored towards fathers.  

Floward was one of the first companies in the region to celebrate Father’s Day when we launched our campaign last year which went viral and brought awareness to this often-neglected day.  

This year’s campaign recognizes that fathers are our go-to people when we get in trouble and are always there for us and encourages people to thank them and gift them flowers instead for a change.  

Floward Head of Marketing Mohamed Mousa said: “Thoughtfulness is at the heart of our brand at Floward and we always encourage our clients to be thoughtful towards their loved ones. That’s why we are always working to create or bring attention to occasions for people. Last year, we recognized the difference in the public’s awareness between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and decided to encourage people to also celebrate fathers. Fortunately, we were successful and saw other companies follow in our footsteps. This year, we want to continue building on the importance of this day and play a role in making it as important as Mother’s Day.” 

Established in 2017, Floward is a full-fledged e-commerce solution that offers prime fresh-cut flowers sourced from the best growers and farmers around the world arranged locally by a team of florists and designers. Floward also offers cakes, chocolate and perfumes curated by the most exciting local designers bundled with its flower arrangements and manages the last-mile same-day delivery to ensure the best customer experience.